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An In-School Workshop

Brookside Elementary Students


The Amazing Science program was specifically designed to reintroduce the natural world to our children in a fun, scientific and meaningful way to encourage curiosity, critical thinking, and to promote integrated learning. Exploration of the sciences and natural world through hands-on projects and experiences.

We have developed a wide range of lessons that combine various disciplines of science: physics, chemistry, biology, geology, and environmental studies. The science curriculmisintegrated with geography, cultural history, language, math, and always includes hands on, interactive projects and demonstrations, creating a full and rich experience for our students.

Sample Options for Curriculum Tailored to your Students:

• Miwok lifestyle: foods, tools, money, & clothing.
• Plants and natural materials uses: medicine, food & cordage.
• How the Miwok interacted with Marsh, Creek, Bay and Ocean habitats.
• Tule Reed Boat and Houses - techniques: kotchas, boats, grainery, round house.
• Native Skills: twisting rope, weaving skills, mats, baskets, children's toys, duck decoys.

Sample Projects:

• Cattail Rope - learn native technique for twisting grasses into strong rope.
• Animal Tracking by paw prints and knowledge of local animal behaviors.
• Clamshell Bead making techniques using pump drills, soapstone blanks, and deer skin.

In-school workshops based on our Northern California Native American Curriculum, featuring local Coast Miwok. By special arrangement for elementary schools. Please contact us for more information and availability.

Instructor and WPN founding director, Elena Belsky is a longtime educator and has taught children and adults in a wide variety of subjects for over 29 years. WPN has conducted workshops, guided field trips and classes for all ages, at many venues, including: the Point Reyes National Seashore, Marin Museum of the American Indian, The Discovery Museum, Marin Conservation Corps, Vallejo Intertribal Council, International Archeological Conference, and throughout Marin elementary schools both public and private. We provide After School programs at Bacich and Neil Cummins, (Brookside coming soon) and are in our 11th year of teaching Amazing Science for the Ross Valley School District's annual Super Cool Summer School.

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