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One of the main missions of WPN is to help coordinate and collaborate with other non-profits and community groups. This takes many forms, including technical consultations from environmental science to graphic and design services.

  • Assisting in the coordination and sharing of resources and groups...keeping people on the same page is important, from one watershed to another, as many issues are shared or may come up at a later date. Scientific and legal consultants are in short supply, especially when volunteering their services to the community; sharing any information generated on a subject is critical to sucessful advocacy and restoration and evaluation processes.
  • Offering experienced technical advice, scientific training, and watershed evaluations. WPN has a number of experienced, volunteer consultants available to us in various disciplines: hazardous materials, fisheries biology, habitat restoration, governmental process, environmental investigation techniques, water quality chemistry, sampling techniques, graphic and website design, databases and more. If you are a non-profit or community group, please email us on your issue - we will do our best to direct you to the information!
  • Hosting selected public service websites - SMARTquestions.org and others. For special projects, WPN may offer to host a website that supports our mission. Our space is limited, so we unfortunately cannot accomodate all requests received. If you have a project in the Northern California area, please email us with a ONE page outline describing your project and need.
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