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Discovery Museum - A workshop with open participation for Discovery Museum guests with activities for both children and adults. We learned how to make duck decoys and sun visors out of tule reeds and twisted rope out of cattail leaves. Guest instructors included Ane Rovetta, artist and storyteller and others.


Point Reyes National Seashore - Part of the Tule Reed Boat Project, this workshop taught children and adults techniques needed for working on constructing the Tule reed boat. Included: working with cattail, tule, willow and practicing the engineering for the larger boat by making 3 foot model boats. Funded by the Marin Arts Council, Marin Community Foundation, Fireman's Fund Foundation and many generous volunteers and donors.


Marin Conservation Corps #1 - Joint lecture with Elena Belsky of WPN and Corinne Swall of Mother Lode Musical Theatre on the environmental history of the SF Bay Area and Marin County.


Marin Conservation Corps #2 - Teaching students to work with natural materials found in the Marin area marshes, including various reeds and cattail leaves, to create native style sleeping mats and twisted rope.



Marin Museum of American Indian - Program brought four classes of third and fourth grade students (Novato and Sausalito School Districts) to the Museum and Miwok Park to create a model Miwok Village for their classroom. Activities incuded making a grass kotcha and redwood house, and learning to twist rope out of cattail leaves. Funded by a grant from the Marin Arts Council and private donors.


MAPOM Festival - Tule Reed Boat display and cattail rope twisting lessons - held in Kule Loklo, Point Reyes National Seashore.


American Institute of Archeology Annual Conference - Tule Reed Boat display and cattail rope twisting lessons were provided to attendees.






Vallejo Inner-Tribal Council / Vallejo Pow Wow - Invited to participate for two years; Tule Reed Boat display and cattail rope twisting lessons, brought the18 foot boat for display.



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