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Amazing Science! - Our goal is to excite children's curiosity about the vast world of science, then satisfy it through hands-on projects and experiements! We teach critical thinking and integrated learning, as they are the basics of scientific thought and theory. There's so much to explore: physics, chemistry, biology, paleontology and on...All experiments are kid safe and fully supervised.



  • Assisting in the coordination and sharing of resources and groups. 
  • Offering experienced technical advice, scientific training and watershed evaluations.


  • Environmental Investigations - Offering experienced consultation and scientific investigation of environmental problems and issues.
  • Restoration & Preservation Projects - Fisheries enhancement, habitat restoration, bank stabilization, water quality monitoring and human impact evaluation, open space preservation, wetland protection, wildlife corridors and creek and bay issues.

  • Public Process & Outreach - Educating the public in the governmental process, most effective ways to participate including: How to get public records from local, state and federal governments, recognizing politics is a part of the game, hierarchy and structure of internal government workings.
  • Media Consultations - Helping non-profit organizations and citizen groups learn to use the media to get their message out to the public and training in multi-media techniques in presenting information to peers, press and public. Includes strategizing, 101 of On-Camera techniques, radio interviews, how to get airtime, writing press releases and public service announcements (PSA's), effective media campaigning, organizational promotion and more.


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